The years in-between childhood and adolescence can be hard on “Tweens” and their parents!

 Why not give your daughter an added boost of confidence while strengthening your relationship with her? 


Introducing the “Proud to Be Me” Project!

For “Tweens” ages 10-13


Think back to that awkward time when you were transitioning from girl to woman. 

Can you remember it? That “uncomfortable in your own skin” feeling? That feeling like no one understood you or even cared?

Do you remember the toll that emotional, hormonal roller coaster took on your relationship with YOUR parents? 


Here’s how the “Proud to be Me” Project can help YOU help your daughter, and 

save your relationship with her in the process!


-Your daughter gets a 1-hour photography session just for HER where she gets to be the star!

-She can choose 2-3 different outfits that express her style and interests (music, dance, sports, etc) to really celebrate her individuality!

-While viewing her final images for the first time, she will enjoy a viewing experience that will leave her feeling a renewed sense of pride in being 

exactly who she is thanks to a special Surprise!**

-As her parent, you get to be the one gifting her this positive, memorable experience that will not only make her feel incredible & special in the moment, but will remind her of her awesomeness every single time she relives the experience through her photos!


**Here’s the Best Part…but SHHHH!! It’s a Secret!!


The part that separates the “Proud to Be Me” Project from the other Photography experiences with Nicki Handel Photography 

is the SECRET surprise questionnaire! 

Before our Photography session, I will provide your daughter with a questionnaire about herself to help her remind herself 

how awesome she is. Meanwhile, SECRETLY, a few of her loved ones (parents, siblings, friends, teachers, coaches, etc) will 

also fill out a questionnaire about her, sharing why they feel she is so awesome! 

The information gathered from the secret questionnaires will then become part of the presentation of her final, stunning images! 


Seeing herself as beautiful on the outside + being reminded how beautiful she is on the inside = To a Tween girl? Priceless!!


Imagine what hearing those words would mean to your child? 

How much might this experience boost her self-pride and self-confidence? 

How incredible would it be to know that EVERY TIME she looks at her photos from her session, she will be filled with that 

boost of positive energy and self-love?

And how awesome that YOU have the power to give this to her!


Contact Nicki Handel Photography today to become a part of the

“Proud to Be Me” Project!